With safety and quality issues paramount concerns, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have strict precision engineering requirements and demanding accuracy levels. Jones Nuttall has worked closely with international and UK companies for more than 40 years. Our technical expertise and project management skills have supported large-scale plant start ups. We also produce small-scale components where a knowledge of metals is important.

Quality, safety and delivery

Creating confidence based on quality is crucial to chemical sector customers and ranks alongside the top priority of health and safety. Clearly recognised value is also important, often in terms of the best possible cost structures. Meeting service delivery promises is another Jones Nuttall priority. More often than not this includes meeting extremely tight timeframes. Allowing essential plant to stand idle is expensive. It is also often unnecessary when small but vital components can be made, tested and delivered under special urgent transport arrangements. with a dedicated full-time Quality Manager on-site, Jones Nuttall is committed to ensuring that its quality system is always as streamlined as possible. When it comes to high-quality for chemicals and pharmaceuticals customers, particularly during plant modernisation projects, another key strength is the company’s accumulated knowledge of materials and their behaviours.

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

"Quality Precision Engineering gives clients confidence to place repeat business"

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall
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