Oils and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, where high pressure systems almost by definition are a constant safety concern, being able to manufacture critical engineering components with precision from metals with special properties has never been more important. Jones Nuttall has supported the exploration of new oil and gas fields, and production in refinery installations, for more than 40 years.

North Sea Support

Components used in the oil and gas sector can be very small and complex but also critically important. Their manufacture often calls for levels of accuracy that can only be achieved by highly-skilled engineering teams well trained in the use of state of the art equipment. Because of the safety implications involved the sector often requires 100{324368ac65d3ccc521257ca2433df23ec4ab07175ebd173deb8730308a526c86} inspection of components, as opposed to percentage based inspections.

In a typical case, Jones Nuttall recently produced a series of pump blocks and housings, plus small valves, for use in a petrochemical plant that had to meet tolerances of 0.002/0.003mm. Anything less accurate was to be reported by the third-party client to the main contractor. Further, the material used had to be procured from a specified source which was monitored and tracked.

In this competitive market, high performance self-lubricating bearings that increase efficiency, give a longer machine life and reduce running costs are often the bearing of choice. Jones Nuttall has supplied Oiles Crane Boom Pivot bearings for rigs in the North Sea and offshore rigs in Canada, as well as for mooring fairleads used on ships and oil and gas platforms.

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

"We are proud to be a UK manufacturer using the best materials, machinery and skills available."

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall
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