Being able to improve performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness is a key factor for the rapidly expanding wind energy sector. Jones Nuttall’s engineering and technical innovation strengths, plus four decades of project experience, all come together for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of very mechanically-efficient wind turbines now being designed to operate in extreme environments for up to 25 years.

Reliability when the wind blows

The UK offshore wind energy sector has recently seen a much faster than expected decrease in costs, to the point where the industry is years ahead of targets set by the Government. As of early 2017, costs since 2011 were circa one third lower. Advances in technology unforeseen just a few years ago are said to be a primary reason. Keeping future costs low is now a major imperative for asset operators and supply chains. Precision engineering plays a vital part in an industry which is seeing ever larger turbines clustered in bigger wind farms working in deeper waters further offshore in increasingly challenging metocean environments and metrological conditions. Figures show that the industry has been able to meet a combined Government and industry target of £100/MWh four years ahead of schedule and could meet  its £85/MWh target well before the current target date of 2026.

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

"Improving performance, reliability and cost effectiveness of components."

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall
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