The rail division specialise in overhaul, repair and supply of rolling stock components and assemblies to both train owners; Angel trains, Eversholt Rail Group and Poterbrook as well as the various train franchisee operators.

The railway infrastructure, predominately owned by Network Rail is the oldest in the world and is still vital to the country’s economy. More people and goods move by train than ever before, with passenger numbers at their highest ever levels. To cope with increasing passenger numbers there are on-going programmes of upgrades and refurbishments to both the network and rolling stock.

Bringing components back to OEM standards

We have a wealth of experience in successfully undertaking component refurbishments for a wide range of train operating companies. Typical projects may involve modifications, improvements and replacements. The constant changing demands of the UK railway industry have meant that we have had to adapt to these requirements.

London Underground’s C-Stock and D-Stock trains had parts overhauled in a 7-day turnaround over a two and half year contract  in the run up to the London Olympics. Dublin Dart assemblies were restored in a similar time-frame. Non-repairable parts were manufactured from new for Metro Trains Melbourne, Australia as part of a multi-million pound contract. GEC parts were engineered for MTR in Hong Kong. Refurbished gangways, and drum-switches along with Contactors are also in high demand.

Recent work has included:

Drumswitches/ Traction equipment/ Reversers/ Contactors/ Resistor Grids/ Obstacle deflectors / Emergency Brake Flag Switch improvements / Insulation parts for conversion from Dual to Single power supply / Bus Bar for Class 444 and 450 vehicles (Insulation Mountings) / Drumswitch air valve replacement / Interior Lighting Diffusers / Axle Box Gaskets / Stainless steel flexitors / Gangways / Anti-Friction Liners / Obstacle deflectors / Coupler repairs / Tread plates.

Reliability & Reputation

We take pride in the positive working relationships we have established with customers and our ability to work to specification, within budget and fulfil delivery schedules. We understand railway parts, whether complex or simple, supported by highly skilled machining, assembly and fabrication experts. Working to either drawing or WOSS standards, our well equipped facilities allow us to provide customers a range of rolling stock engineering solutions; from small component refurbishment such as Roller Cams through to Gangways and Resistor Bank overhauls. The reliability of our Rail Division in providing repairs, new components, sub-assemblies and assemblies for train fleets determines the operators effectiveness and in turn their reputation and ours.

Clevises, Pulleys and Hinges

Electrification of the railway promotes cleaner, environmentally friendly and faster more reliable train journeys. The overhead line equipment consists of various components including Single and Double Balance Weight Pulleys, Double Clevises and Fabricated Hinge Swivel Bracket Assemblies manufactured by ourselves. Made from high tensile steel, there are four variations of the Double Clevis as follows:-

Double Clevis (Body only) B.R. Cat. No. 091/012515

Double Clevis with 2 Pins B.R. Cat. No. 091/012309

Double Clevis with 1 Pin & 1 M20 Bolt B.R. Cat. No. 091/012310

Double Clevis with 1 Pin B.R. Cat. No. 091/012311


Rolling Stock

Rolling stock varies in age and we specialise in the manufacture and refurbishment of components and assemblies associated with the following fleets :-

Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) Classes:-313, 315, 317, 318, 320, 321, 322, 365, 376, 377, 442, 455, 456, 507, 508

Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Classes:- 159, 165, 166

Locomotive Classes:- 37, 47, 55, 57, 73, 83, 87, 90, 91

Coaches:- MK2, MK2F (Scot Rail Sleepers, Kiwi Rail, M3, Northern Belle, VSOE Pullman)

Tram Systems:- Manchester Metrolink, DB Regio Tyne & Wear, Metro Trains Melbourne.

We have years of technical data and expertise, working to WOSS (Workshop Overhaul Standard Specification) and BR Cat. (British Railway Catalogue) references. Find below a downloadable list of our rail specifications.

Rail Specifications Document


Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

We understand rail operators need for compliance and we manufacture or overhaul to exacting industry standards.

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall
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