Subcontract CNC Machining

Because of growing demand for specialist precision products, our production capacity is in a dedicated Precision Engineering Division. Our goal is to continue developing innovative and practical engineering solutions for many sectors. We offer a complete package from bench sawing polyethylene sheet to the machining of advanced plastics and metals with intricate detail, which require diamond tipped tooling, from turned bushes and sleeves to milled and drilled busbar supports, wear strips and insulation panels and plates.

Vital for the country’s economy

The demand for precisely engineered components and assemblies is expanding as the technologies on which many modern industries depend become not only more productive and efficient but also complex and sophisticated. As the UK “Tools up” to become increasing competitive both nationally and internationally, the precision engineering industry continues to play a central economic role. However, service is frequently about “precision plus added-value” – particularly when customers on the far side of the world make urgent requests.

In a recent case, within just three days we were able to bring in materials, manufacture, test and arrange for the delivery of specialist water treatment collector heads needed on board a port bound ship in the Far East. Our delivery plan meant that the vessel was free to sail almost immediately. Competitor delivery times quoted were three months versus our three days!


Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

Industries ranging from manufacturers of food tray machines to companies supplying valves and pumps avail themselves of our precision engineering expertise.

Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall
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