Our aim since 1971 has been to provide high-quality precision engineered products that meet and exceed customer expectations. We are based in Warrington, North-West England  and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, gained via continuous investments in machining, innovation, plus the skills, expertise and problem-solving ability of more than 60 highly-trained employees who as a result, help to supply some 30,000 different products to over 250 clients each year.

Specialists in precision engineering

Cost-effective precision engineering designed to meet both consistently high quality levels and urgent customer deadlines requires a continuous investment in modern equipment and technology, employee training, process techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Therefore to guarantee this, in 2008 we split production into two separate but mutually supportive divisions at our Cheshire headquarters in Warrington, which is conveniently located mid-way between Manchester and Liverpool.

An important result of this strategic split into, firstly, an Engineering Division, has been to concentrate our focus on precision engineering services that specifically delivers innovation, practical approaches to problems, as well as solutions and value added delivery, along with full-traceability which includes quality assurances to the international ISO 9001:2015 standard. Secondly, a Rail Division that consists of a highly skilled workforce with a wealth of experience able to meet the railway industry’s constantly changing demands.

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Machinery and expertise at work at Jones Nuttall

Consistent investment in personnel training and development.

We believe passionately that our staff are at the heart of everything we make, do and deliver.  We invest annually in formal training programmes,  including apprenticeships and further education programmes that deliver continuous personal development. Our team are our frontline experts, with many long-serving employees bring years of experience which they share by mentoring our apprentices. Together, they form a powerful integrated workforce which is recognised to be one of the most competent in our industry across machinery operation, assembly, fabrication, welding and testing.

Meet The Team

Some of the brilliant team at Jones Nuttall

Our Values

It’s not what we do, it’s the way we do it!

We have a simple central aim, which is to service our customers well. We follow ethical business practices and believe in demonstrating our integrity through everything we do as a team and company. We aim to be known for our consistently high quality and fair pricing policies, as well as being trusted and valued by our customers, end-users, supply chain and community. Critically, we have the utmost respect for the protection of our clients’ intellectual and commercial property.

The Jones Nuttall mission statement, which expresses our shared company spirit, was written collectively by our employees. It states:-

“We provide the global engineering market with high quality engineering solutions, to be respected as a force within the industry, to celebrate and invest in our highly skilled and dedicated workforce, to ensure that when our clients come off the rails…we get them back on track.”